Stakeholders Acting together for Strengthened CP in Armenia


Funding: USAID


The project aims to improve the well-being of the most vulnerable children in Armenia through strengthening the Child Protection (CP) system and empowering actors at national, regional and community level through cooperation with the Government of Armenia.

World Vision will invest in capacity building and mentorship of the structures on all levels of the existing CP system, including the NCCP (national level), Child Protection Units (regional level), and Guardianship and Trusteeship Committees (community level).

World Vision will support the development of a Child Rights curriculum and its mainstreaming into the official curriculum of the National Judicial School. This project will focus on aligning the capacity of the judicial system with the CP framework by training a cadre of judges and court personnel using the Child Rights Curriculum.

In an effort to strengthen the regional level CP system, World Vision will focus on supporting the Government of Armenia’s Deinstitutionalization Strategy by implementing it at 8 institutions in three additional regions – Syunik, Shirak and Tavush marzes.

On the community level, the project will focus on mobilizing children, families, and local communities around CP and child rights by raising community awareness, connecting families and children to policy makers and service providers, and giving children opportunities to raise and address CP and child rights issues in their communities.

In addition, institutionalized children and children at risk to be institutionalized will be included in the child empowerment initiatives; particularly, they will participate in all child empowerment trainings planned within this project.

Taking into account that public investments in alternative care are limited, World Vision will work on raising public awareness on the issue of domestic adoption through public messaging, informational materials and media. This will be done in close cooperation with the Ministry of Labour and Social Issues.

Health for Families


Health for Families


Funding: USAID, World Vision US


“Health for Families” is a two-year project that launched in 2010. The project aims to improve the health status of families in 59 target communities of Sisian, Goris, Alaverdi and Meghri.

To contribute to a decline in disease and mortality rates there is an urgent need to provide knowledge and raise awareness about the importance of healthy lifestyle, disease prevention, frequent health check-ups and referrals to doctors.

The Project partners with Arabkir Medical Center, “Leontig” Maternity and Child Health Center, Armenian Association of Paediatricians, Ministry of Health, regional government bodies.

As an outcome of the project volunteer health groups will be established that will aim to develop the culture of referral to doctors and raise awareness about preventive measures on common diseases.

“Health for families” project intends to empower communities by promoting national and regional initiatives on primary healthcare service improvement with the active involvement of communities, primary health service providers and relevant government officials.

“Health for families” project applies lifecycle approach to assure that all family members have access to prevention and treatment services, particularly, men and women benefit from reproductive health services, pregnant women – prenatal care services, whereas children go through their life cycle stages starting from infancy to childhood and then adolescence.


Reducing violence against children in Armenia


Funding: European Commission,
WV Great Britain


After the collapse of the Soviet Union, the emerged extreme poverty and the absence of social safety net greatly affected Armenian families. The cases of family break up, domestic violence and child abandonment as well as the number of homeless children have significantly increased.

The impoverished families had to leave their children for the state care. Insufficient resources, lack of monitoring, various levels of vulnerability, including disability, lower living conditions contributed to an environment where the children were exposed to various forms of violence.

In response to this issue, the government adopted the National Child Protection Programme (2004) that also includes provisions to release children’s institutions and apply community care models to protect children from violence.

Through cooperation with the civil society a number of resident care institutions were transformed into day care centres, mainstream educational institutions; while several resident institutions still recontinue to provide care for those children whose habitation in a family does not comply with child rights protection norms (due to physical, psychological and sexual abuse).

The government has established a 3-tier system that consists of the National Committee for Child Protection on a national level, Child Protection Units on a regional level and Guardianship and Trusteeship Committees on a community level. These structural changes have somehow contributed to the protection of vulnerable children; nonetheless, there is still homework to do.

The mechanisms of prevention of child abuse must be fully integrated into these structures. Moreover, some new appraoches should be adopted to fulfil and enlarge child rights protection system in Armenia. Thus, to complete this process the Government calls for cooperation and exchange of practices with civil society.

The issues to resolve

The present legislation reflects some concrete steps to keep to the international norms on child rights protection, however, the application of these norms is still insufficient as a result of poor coordination between state institutions and child rights protection bodies, and a lack of capacity to implement these norms.

Armenia’s national legislation does not cover all the norms necessary to protect children from violence. Moreover, lack of public awareness on child rights hinders the child protection policy the government has carried out.

Project objectives

• Capacity building and coordination of state agencies to protect children against violence
• Amend domestic law and policy on child care and protection services to align them with international child rights norms and seek for the implementation of these norms.

Target groups

• National Committee for Child Protection
• Three departments of Child Protection Units
• Six local centers of Social services
• Six Community Child Centers
• Thirty-seven bodies of Guardianship and Trusteeship Committees
• Children from four Resident Child Care institutions
• Children with disabilities and children at risk of violence living in 37 target communities.

The project lasts for 36 months and is being implemented in the capital Yerevan, Lori and Syunik marzes.…


Grassroots Voice for Human Rights Mobilization in Armenia

“Grassroots Voice for Human Rights Mobilization in Armenia” project aims to enhance human rights in Armenia by facilitating and capacitating an institutionally embedded community-based human rights network that will act as a grassroots voice on human rights.  By using WV’s current and extensive network of community-based organizations the connection between the government, existing local human rights activists, and national Human Rights Organizations (HRO) is being created.
The project partners with Helsinki Committee of Armenia (HCA) and the Civil Society Institute (CSI), both having more than 10 years of experience working on human rights in Armenia and have demonstrated an ability to engage with the government to produce results. Also an intensive cooperation is established with the Human Rights Defender’s office.
Through its partnership with CBOs, WV intends to build their capacity, equipping them with tools of community member engagement, participatory needs assessment, monitoring of policy implementation at the local level, monitoring human rights situation, engaging with local, regional and national governments. Establishing a human rights framework is a natural addition to the CBOs development, and is not only have value in itself, but also significantly help CBOs to develop their advocacy and government engagement capabilities.
CSI is managing communication and outreach issues, as it has positioned itself as a hub for human rights communication in Armenia with its management of the ‘Human Rights in Armenia’ Web site (
Already having rich experience in training a network of young human rights advocates HCA is facilitating the human rights training. In collaboration with WV, the training curriculum and mobilization strategy has been created for the CBOs that are in compliance with WV’s evidence-based advocacy and empowerment strategy.
For the HROs the collaboration with CBOs is not only widening the geographic reach of their communication strategy, it is also providing them with a new grassroots source of information. At the same time, WV works with these two national HROs to develop their institutional capacities by building capacity in such key organizational issues as fundraising, communication, research and development.
“Grassroots Voice for Human Rights Mobilization in Armenia” is a two-year project that launched in 2010.
Funding source: US Department of State

Building Sustainable Livelihoods in Tavush


Tavush has always been one of the most productive regions of Armenia in terms of agriculture. However, the country’s difficult transition to free market economy, geographical remoteness, poor roads and infrastructure severely affected the area’s agricultural development, resulting in widespread poverty.

To build the capacity of rural communities to manage their assets and agricultural resources, as well as help them secure increased income Building Sustainable Livelihoods in Tavush (BSLT) project was set up in 2004 as a 3-year initiative funded by the European Union, World Vision Germany and World Vision Ireland.

The project targets rural families and farmer associations in 40 communities located close to Armenian-Azeri border, on the highlands or remote areas, as well as refugees, internally displaced and landless people.

The overall objective of BSLT project is to build the capacity of local farmer associations, businesses and community based organizations in promoting diversified and market-oriented agriculture as well as support off-farm income generating activities and community initiatives in infrastructure rehabilitation in order to improve people’s living conditions.

Communities often remain divided and inactive due to the lack of the necessary knowledge and skills to make any changes to their present situation. BSLT project supports business initiatives throughout Tavush to create jobs and conducts vocational training for the participants from rural communities.

In mid-August 2006 Vocational Education and Training, a pilot project in Ijevan, Dilijan and Noyemberyan districts of Tavush marz, was launched in cooperation with BSLT and VET -Armenia project to provide communities with employable skills for their sustainable development. Over 195 participants from different communities of Tavush benefited from three months’ training. By the successful completion of the training course participants received state certificates that would enable them to find a job later on.

A total of 55 members from 11 farmer associations participated in training of trainers with the topics ranging from bee keeping and animal husbandry to modern agricultural technologies. Training materials were developed and distributed to the participants to disseminate the knowledge among other farmers in their communities.

The project also provides selected associations with assets and animals to promote and strengthen their abilities to produce and process agricultural products. Since the beginning of the project 6 demonstration farms have been already established with an emphasis on animal husbandry, a prevailing agricultural income source for the region.

Within the scope of the BSLT project gravity based drinking water and irrigation systems have been newly installed or renovated in over 30 communities. Environmental projects have been initiated to raise awareness amongst the rural population and especially in village schools.

These activities are coordinated with other projects implemented in the scope of Tavush Area Development Program, which helps to increase the whole impact of World Vision’s work in the region.…

A usual school in Armenia becomes a center for making robots


A usual school in Armenia becomes a center for making robots


A usual school in Armenia becomes a center for making robots
Almost 2 years ago World Vision Armenia, VivaCell MTS, Cronimet Charity Foundation, Counterpart International Armenia and Union of  Information Technologies Enterprises (UITE) implemented ArmRobotics program in Yerevan and regions of Armenia with an aim to develop and conduct robotics educational programs in schools and universities.
Talin’s high school is also involved in the program and represents Aragatsotn region. School has won several championships in frames of robotics and robot making up to day, however the beginning was not promising.
– Students were not interested in the program, and those that were joining it, were coming mainly because of fun and games, but now they don’t play games here, they create games,- proudly says Yeghishe Amiryan, lead of robotics club.
The robots are being created on a LEGO basis, they accept simple commands: differentiate black and white colors, go straight, turn right or left, etc.  These simple exercises  are very exciting for robotics club members.
Students usually come with unclear image about their future careers, but after some classes in Robotics Club they clearly state that want to become programmers, developers or be professionalized in IT field.
– It has been already 1.5 months that I am a member of Robotics Club in Talin, but I already know how to create simple games, and even give commands to robots. My dream is to become a good programmer,- says 14 years old Gevorg.
Membership of the club is absolutely for free, no mathematical or physics background is required, however there are some age limits (10-18) and lack of resources. Currently Talin’s Robotics Club  has only 4 LEGO packages, which is obviously not enough for larger groups, that’s why a group of students willing to learn are in the waiting list.
The leader of the group provides the classes on a voluntary basis.
– As a physician I am very much interested in the development of the IT field in Armenia, particularly in regions of the country. There are lots of smart youth in the regions, who don’t have opportunities, but they  want to study, want to know more, and I want to give them the knowledge and methods, – says  Yeghishe Amiryan.
 – Science and technology are extremely popular with today’s youth. They are also a pathway to career opportunities in the future. It is essential to start working with students from school, especially in regions, where students don’t have the opportunities to practice their knowledge,- says Gayane Simonyan, World Vision Armenia Talin Program specialist.
Infinity 8500

Infinity IT-8500 Massage Chair Review [2018] | Wvarmenia Guide


Built with one of the most advanced massage chair technology and highly customization user features, INFINITY IT-8500 massage chair chair is the ultimate massage solution for your stylish lifestyle as well as therapeutic needs.

Packed with features like body scan sensors, spinal correction & De-compression, lumbar heat and inbuilt music system, this chair brings comfort and relief in your fingertips.

This chair been rated by many reputable websites as the best massage chair that can universally good for most people (tall and short) and pack features of the more expensive massage chairs such as Luraco i7 Plus or Human Touch Novo XT.

Infinity IT-8500 Overview


The best massage chair in the market with all advanced features.
Provides both luxury of massage and therapeutic touch to the service.
Best value for money massage chair.

Occupies a lot of space in the living room.
Sophisticated features need expert hel for possible break downs.

Infinity it 8500 Important Features to Consider

Functionality : 4/5

Packed with features that are most user friendly and effective, INFINITY IT 8500 could probably be the only chair in the market that caters to massage needs of the whole family. With its technology friendly features, it is the real 21st century chair that provides wired and wireless sophistication in a massage chair.

There are both custom massages and auto programs that are meant to cater to the massage needs of each user. This is apart from the additional customization that can be done with air bag massage. Auto program feature is mostly meant for over all massage that comes with auto timer options.

The time can range from 10 to 45 minutes. You can also choose from among 6 types of roller massages namely kneading, tapping, knead-tap combo, knocking, shiatsu and music sync. The speed, intensity and the width of the massage area can be set through the control panel.

Additional customization for the upper body as well as legs and feet is done through airbag massage. Here again, you can inflate and deflate the air bags based on your requirement for intensity.

Foot reflexology massage – Designed with rolling massagers at the sole of the feet, reflexology is well simulated with this foot massage.

Style : 4.5/5

Power cord socket has a USB port and a head set jack. This feature is unique as it combines massage and entertainment together. Music synchronization feature helps you decide on the whole mood of massage experience. You can use any USB flash drive to play music and enjoy the massage in tune with it.

Also, timer can be set for 45 minutes straight and this is one feature i really like. Because in my earlier massage chair, I could not set the timer beyond 20 minutes at a stretch. And being able to customize the massage is a real highlight of this chair.

Durability : 4/5

Having used this chair for a year now, with the in-built state of the art technology it has encompassed, this chair has …

Best Low Carb Protein Powder For Keto Diet | Wvarmenia


Today, everyone knows how important low-carb diets are for losing excess body weight. It’s the healthy alternative for foods with high-carbohydrates. One of the best and convenient sources of low-carb diets such as keto diet are natural protein powders.

There are many options for these powders, and so it is very important to choose the right and the best protein powder.

You need to check quite a few available products to find the right one. There are many companies using extensive marketing gimmicks, trying to make profit by selling low-grade stuff labeled as top protein powders.

Most of these so-called top protein powders deliver the exact opposite of what they promise. Your best bet is to consult professionals who have sufficient knowledge and experience of dealing with health related products and diet plans.

But before we go any further, let’s ask and understand a basic question.

Why use Keto protein powder?

low carb protein diet

Our body needs proteins to maintain muscles.

Whether you want to add more muscles, or repair the torn muscles after a workout, or simply maintain their strength, you need to have protein in your diet. Meat is considered a good source of protein as it provides all the vital amino acids.

But meat, mostly red meat, has its fair share of problems too: fats and bad cholesterol.

People, who know the problem, often try other options such as grains and legumes. But even this diet has drawbacks, it makes you feel hungry more often and by doing so it increases your intake of calories and carbohydrates.

Thankfully, there are natural best tasting protein powders (low-carb) such as Best Keto Collagen which provide the required nourishment and also keep you away from high consumption of carbohydrates, cholesterol, fats, and calories.

If you’re into extensive workouts (like circuit training or resistance training), using natural ketogenic low-carb protein powder such as listed in the following guide we found at Health Nerdy can be a great option. If you don’t know how much protein you need, click here.

How does protein products help lose weight?

There are many of us who have cut down our calorie-intake, but still find very little progress in losing weight. Do you face that problem too?

Well, you might want to give a chance to supplements carrying natural protein powder. But do not expect any instant miracles, best protein powders nurture your body by following a completely natural process.

They will make you feel fuller with fewer calories. And some studies have also indicated that there are certain protein supplements which can help overweight people to improve their body composition and efficiently manage their weight-loss programs.

One of the most effective options is to follow the course of whey protein weight loss.

For those of us who have the habit of binge-eating, opting for whey protein weight loss course can do wonders. Through whey protein weight loss, you provide your stomach highly protein-rich food, which in turn makes you feel full for hours on

Travel Agency

WVArmenia’s Guide to Travel to New Orleans


We are glad you have chosen to pay a stop by to the most interesting and one of a kind city of America. The mix of civilizations can be obvious everywhere and here’s astonishing: in our audio, within our buildings in our history, within our festivals, within our terminology, and of course – food.

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Take the Supreme Swamp Tour in New Orleans

New OrleansGet close and personal along with nutrias, alligators and other wildlife because you know about the lively wetlands and their function in the foundation of New Orleans of South Louisiana.

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A Wonderful Plantation Tour in Louisiana

Find out about Quadroon Balls and uprisings, servant auctions, and Voodoo.

The beautifully manicured gardens and grounds of Laura plantations and Oak Alley as tour guides dressed transport you back.

You can also Research New Orleans on your Scooter

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