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  • Infinity IT-8500 Massage Chair Review [2018] | Wvarmenia Guide

    Infinity 8500

    Built with one of the most advanced massage chair technology and highly customization user features, INFINITY IT-8500 massage chair chair is the ultimate massage solution for your stylish lifestyle as well as therapeutic needs.

    Packed with features like body scan sensors, spinal correction & De-compression, lumbar heat and inbuilt music system, this chair brings comfort and relief in your fingertips.

    This chair been rated by many reputable websites as the best massage chair that can universally good for most people (tall and short) and pack features of the more expensive massage chairs such as Luraco i7 Plus or Human Touch Novo XT.

    Infinity IT-8500 Overview


    The best massage chair in the market with all advanced features.
    Provides both luxury of massage and therapeutic touch to the service.
    Best value for money massage chair.

    Occupies a lot of space in the living room.
    Sophisticated features need expert hel for possible break downs.

    Infinity it 8500 Important Features to Consider

    Functionality : 4/5

    Packed with features that are most user friendly and effective, INFINITY IT 8500 could probably be the only chair in the market that caters to massage needs of the whole family. With its technology friendly features, it is the real 21st century chair that provides wired and wireless sophistication in a massage chair.

    There are both custom massages and auto programs that are meant to cater to the massage needs of each user. This is apart from the additional customization that can be done with air bag massage. Auto program feature is mostly meant for over all massage that comes with auto timer options.

    The time can range from 10 to 45 minutes. You can also choose from among 6 types of roller massages namely kneading, tapping, knead-tap combo, knocking, shiatsu and music sync. The speed, intensity and the width of the massage area can be set through the control panel.

    Additional customization for the upper body as well as legs and feet is done through airbag massage. Here again, you can inflate and deflate the air bags based on your requirement for intensity.

    Foot reflexology massage – Designed with rolling massagers at the sole of the feet, reflexology is well simulated with this foot massage.

    Style : 4.5/5

    Power cord socket has a USB port and a head set jack. This feature is unique as it combines massage and entertainment together. Music synchronization feature helps you decide on the whole mood of massage experience. You can use any USB flash drive to play music and enjoy the massage in tune with it.

    Also, timer can be set for 45 minutes straight and this is one feature i really like. Because in my earlier massage chair, I could not set the timer beyond 20 minutes at a stretch. And being able to customize the massage is a real highlight of this chair.

    Durability : 4/5

    Having used this chair for a year now, with the in-built state of the art technology it has encompassed, this chair has …